Tuesday, March 29, 2011


First of all...sume kne senyum k..hadapi dgn tenang dan tabah hati..entry kali nih agak sengal + sangap skali...ap yg sengal? ap yg sangap?? yer...btw, nih nk jiwang sket + xsedap hati sket..(gedik!!)

mmm....i received phone call ptg td..Shit...!!xsempat angkat...huhu..2 kali kol, but bz sbb lab kan..bkn sng nk ke hulur hilir bawak hp..nnt cikgu hencem, pkai selipar lak ptg td..mmg crik pasal..nk jalan pon cover2, tp i think he wouldn't not get angry when i am jus slippering in the lab because, he saw me la td..kan3..x marah kan..ngee....selamat...
ok..back to received phone kol..( i mean miskol yer)..sgt sentap x dpt angkat td, nk kol blik mmg x bley la, because it is public phone, so, i cant reach him...i juz wait for his call tonite..but, there nothing happen..walaweyhhh...geram...hmmm, lg satu i geram bcouse i was sulking with somebody and i just want him to persuading lg ek?? pas abes lab, i pon blah jer tnp menoleh kebelakang,and at one time i reached at DK gamma(sumthing like tat la, there r two type of DK actually)..i remember of sumthing, then after i make 'spotcek ' in my messy bag, there was no my PHONE!!!ngaaa...but when anis kol..somebody pick up da fon, and the guy was my classmate..thanks God...fiuhh....then i met him at bus stop tat usually we use for..hmm, when i think abt my fon, i suddenly remember about the "ting-tong" pictures in my phone..there r not lil bit ok..there a come i forgot to transfer it???WTF???? juz 4get it..when he reached at the bus stop, i said thanks n ask him "did u open the media content?"(wit serious face..).he said "u trust me or not?" i jus said, "of coz la"..hmmm....but when i want him to convinced abt it, he said he did not open it with the name of Allah...hmm, hope so la kan...serabut r mean time i check my fon, i saw a very poyotic pic tures..haha..but i wil upload 1 of them only, because only the pic is really nice..miaahah...


this entry is not ....
ok, bye!

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