Monday, September 5, 2011

Have a nice day!

minum laici kt restoran barra masa tekak kering mmg shedapp...!!


Hallo peeps..

Arinih nih rase nk update entry dan design skit tulisan2 nih..sbb sy rs la kan, tulisan yg halus mulus dan kaler yg terang benderang nih rase cm x best nk bc..kan3..?? btw, thanks to all yg sudi bc smpi juling2 mata, sbb mata sy pon juling bc nyer..almaklumlahhh…sume nye kecik kn..

Entry kali nih nk cerite sikit tentang what happen that day..which day?? The day that I have been through..and the story ofcoz will be in past tense..hehe…but some will b in present tense..haha..(may b lah)..

On last Saturday my family made an open house

..but not really open, because the guest that we invited is our relative.. my dad’s cousin( s’pore) that have been missing sincel they r small, came to my am not very familiar with them.. huhuh…

them...thanks 4 coming..

(stop typing English..terabur la weyh!!)

Haha… gile jap td…

Back to our story(die mule dahh….),sy ad ajak kwn2 sy…yg jauh ad..yg dkt un ad,tp yg dtg sorunk jer..haha…yg len dtg minggu la..klu sy x blik lg dtg la yer…still waiting nih…haha…

esok nyer..hari best fren ever lak yg dtg..huhu…really appreciate it lah..syg kamu2…huhu…together from standard 4..(SK. & SMK TAMAN SETIAWANGSA,KL)..rindu la kt sekolah tuh..huwaa…:’(..

aza...shena..ain( see..very the mak cik muke sy kann..)

ni lulu..kening die terbakar pg td..sibuk nk masak jg..tuh makan die!!hak3..

Ok lah…xde pe dah nk story nih…yg penting….

You all have a good day k..

Mood: sengsara skrng xpe jgn kmudian hari.



  1. tu makan dia! salam kt lulu. ckp lala lg comel larr...btw...nice shot la.. :)-red

  2. ha kann....lala tuh sp???? :P
    yg mn nice shot???tuceng?? d1500 kan....



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